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    Vishwanath Haveri

    Winner of Z-Kannada Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champ and
    Participant in Haadu Karnataka 2020

    I am really grateful and feel blessed that I am part of this institution and have completed my school education from Mallasajjan School.

    Late Smt. Indumati ma’am was the main backbone as were all my teachers. They made me a good human being.

    My talent for singing was recognised and groomed in this institution mainly by late Smt Indumati ma’am and the faculty.

    It won’t be a mistake If I call my school as my second home and all teachers and my fellow classmates as my family because I was more so comfortable, more than the other students. This comfort made Mallasajjan School a special place for us all.

    Lastly, Mallasajjan School is special because of the teachers and I am indebted to all the teachers who left an indelible mark on my journey of life.

    Lt. Cdr. Nandeesh Jolad

    Commissioned in Indian Navy in 2012.
    M. Tech (Comp. Sc.) from IIT (Kharagpur) 2018

    It was decade and half ago, in the year 2005, that we passed out from Mallasajjan School. The school was no less than a second home for all of us. The school had a pool of instructors which was a mix of both experienced as well energetic teachers. The commitment of teachers towards individual students made learning fun and engaging. Especially for the students like me who had Kannada language as medium of instruction before. However, the best part about the school has been extra-curricular activities. From arts to sports, the school had everything we could wish for. Being in the same campus as Physical Education College has its own perks; you have all the resources at your disposal to learn and play with the best players and coaches of every sport. The lessons that I learnt at Mallasajjan made me what I am today. I’m certain Mallasajjan continues to be the place it used to be, a place full of dynamism, zeal and wisdom, the things that are most essential to build character. I wish all the students a very bright and fun times ahead.

    Soumya Devagiri

    Senior Cloud Analyst at Oracle
    B.E. from S.D.M. College of Engg and Tech, Dharwad – 2016

    My school days were amazing and unforgettable. The systematic approach of curriculum, the enthusiastic and kind teachers always guided and encouraged me. The wide range of activities, both curricular and extra-curricular helped me to build a good competitive spirit and most importantly to grow as a confident and disciplined person with moral values. I could effortlessly grasp the lessons with impactful method of teaching by the well-versed faculty. There were extra classes for music, dance, gymnastics, and outdoor games for developing hobbies as skills. The friendly environment of school made every single day interesting. The annual day function, events, sports, all were not less than festivals. The energy flowed from faculty to students and vice versa. I am grateful to all my teachers who shaped me into a better, responsible person and I feel proud of having been part of this wonderful institution.

    Nikhil Kabbur

    Advanced Manufacturing Engineer, Atricure
    M.S (Mechanical Engineering) University of Cincinnati – 2017

    Mallasajjan is not only a school but also another home for me. The school provided me with opportunities to excel in academic and extracurricular activities, imparting a well-rounded education that is essential. The small class sizes ensured that I received individual attention and mentorship. Also, the school focuses not only on academic excellence but also cultivates the students’ talents and abilities in sports, arts, and extracurricular activities with state of the art facilities. I am very proud and honored to be a student of this school that enriched my educational experience, nurtured my talents, and is one of the reasons for my accomplishments.

    Rohini Tippannavar

    Pursuing M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management (major in Production Technology and Logistics)
    University of Groningen(RUG), Netherlands

    School is that place of a life which remains so close to the heart no matter how far one goes away from it and my Mallasajjan School is no different. Lots of simple things like how to see the world and people around me were determined in those years I spent at school. My school has internalized discipline in me through the joyous morning assemblies and evening sports.

    Santosh Tattimani

    Research scientist in The Himalaya Drug Company,
    M.V. Sc in Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology

    My school day memories were unforgettable as well as my school friends. They remain in my heart always. Playing sports at school in the evening was awesome. I especially enjoyed basketball. Our English classes were challenging and at times uninteresting. We used try to learn English but it was never easy. Now I know the value of languages classes even if I am a scientist. Our principal always used to cheer us on. Our teachers helped us develop an interest in reading and plan for our future goals and prospects. I learnt lessons from all our teachers. Good times come and go, but school memories last forever.

    Dr. Bhavana Desai

    Scientific Officer, Questioned Documents Section,
    State Forensic Science Laboratory, Bengaluru

    School is the first step of growing up because school is the place where one has to face the biggest fear and take some of the hardest decisions. I remember the very first day of school when I was a bit nervous and very much excited. Mallasajjan School is been a very important part of my life as this place has taught me to overcome my fears and move forward. It has played a vital role in blending my attitude positively towards academics and other activities. This is the only school I believe, which allows dreaming and achieving your goal without any sort of resistance. The words may fall short to describe my journey with this institution, but to be very precise, I would like to mention proudly that my school has contributed a lot to whatever I am today. I am very delighted to say that I am a proud student of Mallasajjan English Medium School.