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Scholarship information & Awards

Live a Life of Your Dreams:

  • Mallasajjan English Medium School is an institution with a broad vision. In order to encourage and motivate the children, our school offers many scholarships and awards. The school awards scholarships based on merit, means, means-cum-merit and achievements of students in the field of culture and sports. These are the ‘Mallasajjan Scholarships’. To help the girl child, the ‘Indumati Nadgir Scholarship’ is presented on the basis of both merit and means. Many individuals and donors have also come forward to help children who require financial assistance. These scholarships vary from waiving 25% to 100% of the annual school fees.
  • A scholarship committee is formed to look into awarding of the scholarships and their decision is final.

The details of the awards are as follows:

Excellence Day Awards and Prizes:

At Mallasajjan English Medium School we believe that excellence is a virtue that should be aimed for. Excellence can be in the fields of academics, culture, sports or art. In order to promote ‘excellence’ we celebrate the achievements of children in the month of June every year and call it ‘Excellence Day’. It is a day on which we felicitate the children who have won laurels and achieved success in various facets of life.

During the Excellence Day we also honour the achievers who have excelled in the SSLC Board Exams. During this event the school also presents the Pledge Achievers Award to students who promise to achieve a self-specified percentage in the SSLC Board Exam. They are rewarded for the promise they keep. The Excellence Day Awards are presented by the school, well wishers, past batches of children and teachers.

We wish the constant support of our well-wishers and teachers to continue with the same spirit and hope it will encourage others in blessing our children in their overall development.


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